Vau Dejes gets worst snow fall in 25 years!


Last week we got a couple meters of snow in Vau Dejes and many people were saying it was the worst snow fall in <insert number> years. I heard that the last time we got snow fall like this was anywhere from 20 to 5 years but on facebook I saw a picture from a couple years ago of a significant amount of snowfall in Shkoder. Who knows how long its been since Vau Dejes got snow? All that really matters is that we were blanketed.

School was cancelled. Our work day started with a snow photo shoot and snowball fight. The main street through town became a war zone as groups of teenage boys armed themselves with an arsenal of snowballs. All in all it was a lot of fun unil the day after, when a light drizzle and slight raise in the temperature  turned the streets into slush. Luckily, a decent rain washed everything away the next. Nothing is nastier than a slushy mix of snow, ice, and water.

After a three days of precipitation, strong winds from the Vau Dejes valley blew through town. The winds were so strong they damaged several buildings, blew over the iron fence at the Bashkia, and kept me up all night with their howling! I had heard all summer about the terrible winds during winter and they had finally arrived. Thankfully the didn’t stay long and everything is back to normal. The forecast says that temperatures should begin rising around the 15th. I couldn’t be more ready for summer.

Snowy view of Lac – Vau Dejes

Kids playing in the snow below my apt

View of the dam from my apt


Building that was blown over


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