Fall has arrived!

As summer began to close, stories of winter began to drift into daily conversations. Wind so strong it blows cars over. Rain that doesn’t stop for days. Sun that refuses to shine for a month. All in all it doesn’t sound as pleasant as summer.

Then I noticed they had lowered the water level of the lake to make more room for the winter rains. Not a week later it rained for the first time in 3 months. Those two days of rain where like the closing curtain for summer and the opening for fall. Since then the sun hasn’t had the strength that it had all summer and I doubt the temperature has risen much above 30 since then.
I remember at Belmont that at the first sign of fall everyone would bring out their jackets to start showing off their fall fashions. We would sit and mock those who over dressed to early in the season and then around noon we stop and take off our hoodies because the mid day heat was still too much to hangle. Here only the bikers have bundled up because wind chill is more serious than fashion.

The most unfortunate sign that summer is over is that there is no more draft beer. Everyone has removed their kegs and fridges of frosted mugs. Personally, I have not problem drinking beer all winter. They have been doing it in Minnesota for years but in Albania raki is the preferred drink of choice for winter. It makes sense because every home has been making liters and liters of the stuff now that it is harvest time.

I still need to get my wood stove fixed and buy some wood but I think that winter will be manageable. From what I understand, the weather is not terribly intense but the problem comes when you want to escape from it just like in the summer.

Some pictures of my host family’s raki still.


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