This one has to be a quickie!

My battery is about to die so I don’t have much time. I hope to get on a better blogging schedule and write more about Albania and some of the issues that face Albanian the culture here but that will have to come when I am not as busy. I need to get on a better blogging schedule because too many exciting thing happen between posts such as our hike to Belesh which is a story for another time.

Right now I am in Durres at the counterpart conference. I met my counterpart last night and we talked about Vau i Dejes. I am stoked to be living there for the next two years and rather than write paragraphs about my interest in the city I am just going to list the high points.

1. There is a huge lake with a ferry. It is supposed to be gorgeous.

2. There is a karate gym.

3. I live in the valley near the coast so the weather is reasonable temperate for Albania.

4. My counterpart said that she is going to introduce me to the directors of the two high schools which is exciting because I wanted to develop some programs with the highschools.

5. I live in the same apt building as my counterpart and she said there her son is willing to help me with conjugating verbs in Shqip.

6. It is in Northern Albania so I will get to learn a new dialect of Shqip.

There will probably be many more reasons why Vau i Dejes is going to be such a great site and I will write more about it after I visit but before my battery dies I want to do some research about this Osama bin Laden guy because I heard we killed him and its a big deal.


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