Gazuar Ditelindje!

I am little late blogging about this but last Wednesday was my twenty third birthday and by far my most exciting since my Ninja Turtle party when I turned 8! We killed 5 chickens, two died by my hand, one by my host mother, one by Alex T, and the last by Brenna M. After the slaughter we gutted and prepared the meat for dinner. None of the male family members were present for the killing because killing chickens is a woman’s job. In fact, all the Albanian guys I asked about killing chickens said they had never done it because it wasn’t there job and they didn’t want to get their clothes dirty. I can kind of understand because I was pretty shaken up after my first chicken shook its headless neck spraying blood all over me!

Earlier in the day my host Aunt brought out some of her traditional wedding garments and let some of the female volunteers try them on! It was a great cultural exchange. There were a lot of pictures taken and rather than post them myself I will direct you here, here, and here.

This week we are finishing up our community project which will be held on Wed and presented on Friday. I will write more about it after it is finished.


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