Vau i Dejës!

My home for the next two years is going to be Vau i Dejes! The wikipedia page for the city has two whole sentences! I won’t move there for another ten weeks but I will have the opportunity to visit soon. I will be opening up the site for the Peace Corps so I am a little nervous about that. I won’t have any site-mates but there are volunteers within a couple hours of me and I have several friends who will also be living in the North. My placement is with the city government and I will probably spend most of my time developing projects and writing grants.

Vau i Dejes is located in a valley of the Albanian Alps so I will have access to some of the most breath taking landscapes in Albania. Vau i Dejes is also the location of a hydro electric dam so there is a lake nearby that I have heard has a beautiful ferry. The North speaks a different dialect than the south so I will have to learn new words and a new pronunciation of Shqip but I think I am up for the challenge. After I visit my site I will write more.

Today I found out that we are going to kill FIVE chickens for my birthday! I was only thinking we were going to kill one but evidently the chickens we are going to kill are very young and small but delicious. All the volunteers in Pajove and Bisqem are going to come over for dinner and Brenna is going to make a video so look forward to that!


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