Two weeks!

Tomorrow, I will have been in Albania for two weeks. I drank the local water for the first week while I was getting my water filter set up. We will find out soon how it agreed with my body.

Last week we took a hike and explored some of the bunkers that were built during Albania’s communist regime. Thousands of bunkers were built across Albania to protect them from a foreign invader that never came. It is crazy to think about the changes this country has been through since the fall of communism in the early 90s. You can see the progress that they are making with the improving infrastructure but there are still many problems as most people will readily tell you.

The highlight of my week has been playing Ultimate with the neighborhood kids. Every time I pass the school yard they demand that I stop to play. Next weekend I am going to visit a current volunteers work site to get an idea of what my life will be like once I finish training.



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