Kjo eshte jeta.

So much has happened in the past week that I am not sure how I can still think. It is hard to believe that a week ago I was consumed with the possibility of my future in Albania and now I am living it everyday. I could bore you with everything that has happened or the insignificant details of life that I have been forced to relearn such as how to take a shower (there are no shower curtains here) but I will spare you.

Here is what is important:
1. My host family are the greatest people in the world and are a huge help with my Shqip.
2. The food is awesome. My host family serves feta cheese with every meal. Kos Kastravetc (Cucumber yogurt) is surprisingly good. My only complaint is the coffee. It is a quarter of the size but only costs 30 or 50 cents depending on if you want Turkish coffee or espresso.
3. I will post picture soon but somehow my SD card didn’t make it over here with me. I am living in a small town and our photo shop is selling SD cards for 2,500 Lek or about $25. Tomorrow we are going to Elbasan (a much larger city) for training and I should be able to pick one up there for less.
4. The only thing to do in Pajove is drink coffee and play pool. My host brother, Goni, schooled me the other day but hopefully I can get him to help me improve my game.

A good story:
Lenae, Alex and I were walking back to Pajove from Bishqem (the next village over) and we passed a bar with a football court behind it. The two guys playing football whistled and waved us over but Lenae told her host family she needed to be home by five so she and Alex went on and I held back to see what was going on. They motioned for my to go around the building because you couldn’t get to the court from the direction I was approaching. Instead of going all the way around the building, I thought they meant to enter through the bar. It took about four steps for me to silence the entire room and command all the attention. Everyone had stopped their conversations to turn and stare at me. My heart fell to my shoe but someone I managed to say, “Football?” to the guy at the desk. He look at me like I was retarded. Next thing I know one of the guys playing football came to the front door and motioned for me to follow and I was saved.



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