Ohhh, I’m Pressing On!

Well, today is the day. We are being shuttled to the airport at 2 for our 8 o’clock flight. Tomorrow morning we arrive in Munich at 9 and fly out at 10 to arrive in Tirana at noon. This gives me almost 6 hours of duty free shopping before departure! Orientation was helpful but they still didn’t really tell us a whole lot except that we need to look nice when we arrive! We did a lot of exercises about what hardships and difficulties we can expect to encounter in Albania and discussed strategies to offset them.

Last night I went out with my roommate Ian for our last night in America. We went down the street to a bar called Sodabread. If I lived in Georgetown, I would be there every Monday because all the games are free, including the Wii! We just played some darts on a terrible dart board. I did have my first cross cultural experience of sorts at Sodabread because I didn’t recognize any of the beers on tap, except for Miller Lite (Sorry Russel, but I went with the Longtrail Altbier and it was good)!

It would be nice to stay in DC for a bit longer so that I could have the opportunity to see more of the city. They have a bike sharing program and miles of trails that I wouldn’t mind exploring before I left. The bike sharing program is extremely reasonable. The first half hour is free and it is only a buck fifty for the next 30 minutes. Ian used to live here and was telling me about a walk/bike only trail along the coast of the Potomac River.

P.S. I met Matt Thiesson my last night in Nashville. How
cool is that?


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